Welcome to Absalom Station’s Jumpgate-1, the most advanced energy research facility orbiting the Burning Mother. The facility’s sole objective is to bridge the gap: powering the galaxy’s first commercial jumpgate for interstellar travel. You and your colleagues of scientists and engineers have lodged at the facility for months on end, working tirelessly on the gate’s final intricacies.

Today, it’s time to put words into action: the President of Absalom Solar is ready to flip the switch and advance civilization into the next age of resources and travel – to become true interstellar beings. A test ship outfitted with the facility’s latest anti-matter compressor has just left the docking bay, the engineers have gathered by the windows, the scientists at their stations; the countdown has begun!

Select your role

All roles can be any class, race, gender, or mix of multiple roles, so don’t be afraid to be creative!

The Scientist

You’re a skilled physicist and data analyst observing the results of the final test. 

The Engineer

The jumpgate’s lifeblood, and a top tinkerer from the Absalom Academy of Technology.

The Pilot

A gifted galactic navigator with a few close shaves and a fearless personality. 

Getting up to light speed

The Cosmos Redshift campaigns take place in the Starfinder Roleplay Universe. Most of you grew up and got your education from the Absalom Station, a 5 mile wide space station orbiting The Burning Mother, the Golarion system’s sun. You are the brightest of your graduating class, helping push our civilization to a galactic level of energy and interstellar travel. While some of you wrote your thesis on Dyson Spheres, some of you interning at Absalom Solar had your hand in building one! By using orbiting swarm satellites encompassing the Burning Mother and Absalom Solar’s patented anti-matter compressor to create negative space, energy from the powerful star can be siphoned and stored! 

With these experiments now well behind you, it’s time to apply that vast storage of power to Jumpgate-1, the galaxy’s first jumpgate for interstellar travel. While much is still unknown about jump points, such as who put them there or if they exist naturally throughout the universe, what is known is that they connect points of space time together for faster-than-light travel! It’s time that we see what’s beyond our own galaxy…

Behind the scenes