Gareth, aka. Spirited

Specialized in network programming and distributed service architecture

Thanks so much for taking an interest in my projects. If you’re new to my work, then here’s more about myself:

I started teaching myself programming as a hobby back in high school after joining the Conquer Online private server community. It was around that time when I decided to drop my acceptance to a four-year university in graphic design and marketing to pursue my interests in software development and game theory.

During my years at community college, I met a lot of wonderful people who helped put a roof over my head, gain weight, gain confidence, deal with loss, and establish a stronger financial footing for myself. The college hired me as a lead tutor and lab administrator after my second year, and I eventually broke into the software industry a year later with a paid internship. I discovered a lot of passions in that college’s lab with new friends and now current colleagues.

In early 2017, I graduated from a four-year university with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science; and today, I work in the game industry for the company that inspired my work since the very beginning. At the end of the day, I couldn’t be happier with my current role and where it’s taking me, and I’m so glad I took the initiative back in high school. I lead each day with a desire to continue learning and brighten the lives of many through software and entertainment.

Grinding experience

These are the skills I spend time refining professionally and in my free time...


Cloud computing and cloud microservices have been my primary focus for the last decade. Most of my professional and personal projects involve microservices and game server architecture. Currently, I work on game services professionally in C++ and personally in Go. I also have experience writing microservices in C# and Java using various microservice frameworks.

Big Data Analytics

Worked on big data pipelines for call prediction machine learning using Spark and Hadoop. Wrote Jupyter notebooks for transforming raw input data from an IoT device ecosystem and extracting structured data into data lake storage.

Database Architecture

A lot of my projects in high availability require persistent storage solutions for organizing and relating data. Outside of document storage solutions, I use distributed relational databases to partition and index data for critical high concurrency search systems, such as player matchmaking.

Shell Tooling

Though some of my tools explore graphical interface design, most rely on elegant command-line interfaces for script-ability. Projects posted here are usually command-line to help support graphical tools, such as game map editing. Currently, my tools are written in Go to expand on its robust networking and parallelism constructs.

Got a burning question?

I've got answers! Here are some quick facts about me...

Why snow leopards?

Animals are globally identifiable by their unique traits and characteristics. Snow leopards started as an avatar theme to describe my energetic personality, but became part of how I express myself online. I enjoy my privacy, and therefore use the ghost cat to characterize my online presence. I suppose I enjoy familiarity as well.

Why the game industry?

Games serve many purposes in modern art and entertainment. They can tell a story, invoke powerful emotions, bridge international communities, and capture a culture. The field itself comes with many challenges: from complex system service architecture and software engineering to social engineering and microeconomics.

How did you get started with programming?

I first picked up the basics using online tutorials, and then dove head first into a game server project. It was a struggle, but I kept with it, took small steps at a time, and eventually took myself to college to solidify that knowledge with good design practices. 

What games do you play?

I’m a big Nintendo and Blizzard fan, and love playing the newest installments of Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Mario Kart, and Super Mario! I also love playing multiplayer games such as Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft with my friends.