Chimera is a game project demonstrating scalable game microservices for the Conquer Online game client. Set in Ancient China, players compete for guild and clan supremacy in a rapidly destabilizing region. Check out my recent projects in game microservices and game design!


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Happy Pride Month!

I'm Gareth, but most people online know me as Spirited...

In case you’re not aware: this month is dedicated to raising awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights. It’s also a month of learning, discovery, courage, and support for the general pride community. I’m Demisexual / Aceflux, which are both under the asexuality (ace) umbrella and mean that my orientation fluctuates between no attraction (completely asexual) and some attraction to my partner only (demisexual). I’m an ally for LGBT rights, regardless of sexual preference and gender identity (non-binary included).

work as a Senior Software Engineer in the game industry, specializing in high availability, scalable microservices for game systems. In my academics, I focused heavily on project courses in distributed systems, database design, networking, cryptography, and system design. In my free time, I work on my game projects and photography. This website is dedicated to those personal projects; feel free to look around.

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Archives product listings on various asset marketplaces. It accepts a website and user, and then crawls and downloads their product listings.

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