Sorry, I am not accepting commissions or job requests

Thanks for considering me for a paid opportunity, but I’m not accepting job requests or commissions at this time. As part of my employment in the game industry, I’m forbidden from taking on new, unapproved projects and paid work outside of the studio. All projects you see on my portfolio have been approved by or predate my current employment. Please don’t depend on my experience being available, as I don’t expect my commission status to change.

Asks for advice

Though I appreciate you coming to me for my opinion, please do not contact me about programming questions or questions related to setting up private servers. These are questions that can be answered on the community forums, and I don’t wish to be the only voice helping you. Community participation doesn’t only help you receive more varied answers, but helps others improve their skills while teaching others. So please make use of the forums for help.

Additionally, I do not provide life or career advice and will not help you get a job in the game industry. I appreciate the trust, but I sadly can’t be everyone’s personal coach. Thanks for understanding.

Common Requests & Answers

For the most part, just ask on the forums and I’ll likely reply. You can private message me on the forums, but please keep in mind that I probably won’t reply for some of the questions listed below.

Can you teach me programming?

Sadly, no. I unfortunately don’t have months of time to commit to that. Please make use of free online resources and consider taking an introductory course at your local community college. I also do my best to post guides and articles that break down advanced topics.

Do you sell source code or private servers?

No, my projects are free and open source. If you’re asking for completed private server code, please be aware that basically all server listings are scams. I also don’t have completed server code to offer, so please don’t follow up with additional requests for exceptions.

Can you give me or make hacks / bots?

Absolutely not. I don’t make or use cheating software, nor do I attack private servers. I only author free and open-source development detours, and only provide private servers with constructive feedback.

Can you give me your contact information?

Nope. Please use the community forums and do not expect prompt replies from me. There are some exceptions to this, but I mostly will reject requests for my contact information due to how often I’m asked.

Can you help me set up a private server?

Sorry, no. Please use the community forums to ask for help. There are many guides available all across the internet and pinned to the forums for setting up private servers on your own. I get asked this too much.

Can I use your name or project names for advertising?

No, thank you. I don’t want my name or project names to be used as endorsement for your projects. Please don’t give me special Discord roles or use my projects names as stamps of quality or approval.

Can I ask you questions about the software industry?

Yes, absolutely! Though I can’t provide any details about unannounced projects or company secrets, I’d be happy to speak to you on roles and expectations in the software and game industries.

Can I ask you questions about server architecture?

It depends. This is another instance of me not wanting to be the only voice you here about a subject. If you make a thread on a community forum I’m a member of, then you’ll very likely see a reply from me.