DIY Game Cabinet Lighting

In this project, I got a bit bored of my IKEA TV cabinet. It still looks good, but it doesn’t look amazing. I was brainstorming ideas with a friend, and what doesn’t look better with RGB LEDs (sarcasm)? So, I present to you my modified RBG LED TV cabinet. The LEDs […]

An Evaluation of Golang for Game Server Development

A large portion of my prototyping and project planning phase for Chimera, my Conquer Online private server game project, comprised of various language evaluations. Ultimately, I decided to develop with a managed language in an attempt to scale more quickly and distributedly. My evaluations came down to two successful prototypes, one written in .NET Core 2.1 and one written in Golang 1.11 […]

Hello World

My name is Gareth, but I go by “Spirited” in the open-source community. Welcome to my portfolio website. Here, I’ll be posting my new tools and projects that I think might interest others. Check back here soon, and hopefully I’ll have more to show. Blog posts […]