Conquer Online Sample Project


A simple base project with tons of documentation

Comet is an instructional project I started as a time challenge. The project was developed within a 3-week period after full-time work hours to exercise .NET Core and the async-await pattern as a socket design. Packet processing also utilizes channels for communicating between socket tasks and a worker thread pool for processing game requests. Very little has changed since its inception to keep it as a base project for those learning the basics of the login workflow and socket design. Though the project is still on the back burner, I do continue to support it and may add new features. I encourage contributors to fork the project and add to it.

Check out one of the supported patches...

Getting Started

Step 1 - Clone

Clone the project from my GitLab repository or fork the project to your own profile.

Step 2 - Compile

Install dotnet core and compile using the "dotnet restore" and "dotnet build" commands.

Step 3 - Deploy

Install MariaDB and configure for legacy authentication, then run the included restore scripts.

Step 4 - Configure

Modify the generated config files in the bin folder and update the realm table in the account database.

Step 5 - Test

For testing, I recommend using your local IP address before using a public IP address.

What's new?

Here's the latest about Comet...