Portal Editor

Move around portals in Conquer Online...

This simple command line tool allows artists and map designers to add, remove, and move portals in Conquer Online. In the game, portals are used to teleport players between maps, which can range from larger region maps to smaller building maps. Being able to add portals allows map designers to utilize more buildings in main cities, expand the world to add new player content, add multi-map private instances, etc.

Using the tool is pretty simple. Portals are given an associated X and Y coordinate, as well as a unique id. The tool outputs a new-line separated list of portal records for editing in the format of id,x,y. IDs don’t need to be unique for the entire game; they only need to be unique per map. See the following examples below for running the tool from a terminal.

Unix/Linux Example

$ portals -?

$ portals canyon.dmap > canyon_portals.txt
$ nano canyon_portals.txt
$ portals -o canyon_modified.dmap canyon.dmap < canyon_portals.txt

Windows Example

> portals -?

> portals canyon.dmap > canyon_portals.txt
> notepad canyon_portals.txt
> type canyon_portals.txt | portals -o canyon_modified.dmap canyon.dmap