Contacting Me

Please do not contact me at this time

Hey there,

I really appreciate your interest in getting in contact with me; but my contact form is currently closed and I ask that you please do not contact me privately

It’s been a lot fun having a voice in so many projects over the decade, but increasing concerns over bad actors and the overall direction of the community has lead to some overwhelming amounts of spam for malicious tools or demands for source code.

For absolute transparency, I’ve listed what I won’t talk about and what doesn’t represent my online presence. Thanks for your understanding; I look forward to hearing from you on the public forums. 

Best Regards,

Communication Agreement

The following topics do not represent me online...

  • I do not sell my programming services nor any server source code.
  • I do not set up private servers and will not help you set one up.
  • I do not work for any private server or individual in the community.
  • I do not write nor will help you find hacks, bots, or denial of service tools.
  • I do not represent any individual nor am I represented by any other individual in the community.
  • I do not give out contact information or private source code for members of the community.
  • I do not give others the right to use my name or project names as endorsement.
  • I do not represent the company I work for, nor are my views a representation of theirs.

But just to be clear, I'm always open to...

  • Answering questions about best practices, or things not covered by a quick Google search.
  • Answering questions about a workflow or project I maintain in the open source community.
  • Discussing challenging programming problems and software design.
  • Discussing the software industry, game industry, or education in Computer Science.