In this project, I got a bit bored of my IKEA TV cabinet. It still looks good, but it doesn’t look amazing. I was brainstorming ideas with a friend, and what doesn’t look better with RGB LEDs (sarcasm)? So, I present to you my modified RBG LED TV cabinet. The LEDs are powered by the consoles themselves, but can be turned off using additional switches I put in on the side of each cubby.

I also added a fan to the back of my PS4 cubby, since that console runs hot and used to require the glass door be left open. Now, the fan pulls air in through the door crack and out the back of the cabinet. I added composite and HDMI switches as well to handle all the consoles through the TV. Overall, I’m pleased with the result, and the LEDs are high enough up in the cabinet that it’s never at eye level (so you don’t get blinded).

Parts List

Here’s a list of the parts I used (in case you want to do something similar):

Additionally, if you’re looking for a TV that works with the N64, I have an LG 55″ 4K HDR TV. I was shocked when I found out it could handle the N64, after so many TVs I’ve had in the past weren’t compatible.

You can save a bit of money on shipping and product cost with Amazon Prime (what I use for all my parts). Here's a link to try Amazon Prime as a free trial if you're interested in trying it out.

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